Top Benefits of Sex Toys


Sex toys are increasingly becoming popular as people look at different ways of spicing up their sex life. The use of the sex toys has various advantages. Whether you are in a relationship or not, these sex toys could come in handy. We have different types of toys on the market that are meant to meet the various needs of the users. Toy users have a variety of selection to make as far as the sex toys are concerned. This article explores the benefits of the sex toys;

Sexual pleasure

pleasureOne of the benefits of the sex toys is that it will help you in enhancing the sexual pleasure. Whether you are masturbating or having sex with your partner, these toys will help you in improving enjoyment. You will have a great sexual fun whether you have a partner or not. In fact, some individuals have claimed to get maximum satisfaction from the toys.


If you are the type of people that do not like committing to a relationship, then you should consider purchasing a sex toy. A sex toy will give you similar experience that you may get when you have sex with your partner. Since it is a machine, you will not be obligated to incur extra expenses on coffee dates and holidays. You will, therefore, save yourself from the emotional blackmail that is usually a characteristic of many relationships.


You will be at risk of contracting various sexually transmitted diseases if you have sex with multiple partners. People have sex with numerous partners for multiple reasons. Since sex toys are personal items in most cases, you will not be at risk of contracting the STIs. You would, however, need to clean your sex toys after every encounter to prevent yourself from various infections that may arise from the use of the sex toys.

Mental health

The use of sex toys could help you in enhancing your mental health. The leading cause of mental problems is stress that people get in their daily lives. It could be because of lack or certain diseases. Having the sex toys will help you in winding up which as a result will help you in managing stress. The result of this will be excellent mental health.

Boosts sexual performance

performanceIf you are looking for ways of boosting your sexual performance, then invest in a sex toy. You can use sex toys for practice, and the results are likely to be witnessed when you are having sex with your partner. It will help you to explore the various attributes that relate to having sex. You are likely to try new ideas which will go a long way in helping you to enjoy sex. For the more benefits of sex toys, watch the video below;

Things About Foreplay That You Didn’t Know

man and woman

Foreplay refers to the sexual activity that is performed before sex. Foreplay includes various activities like kissing, nagging, biting, and caressing just but to mention a few. If you are to enjoy your sex life, then foreplay has to be a critical element of it. Sex experts have alluded that foreplay is what differentiates good sex from the lousy sex. This read highlights some of the critical things that you did not know about foreplay;


appetizer One of the things that you should do is treating foreplay as an appetizer. Just like you do every time you have a meal, make sure that you have foreplay every time you want to have sex. Many married couples forgo foreplay and go directly into the sexual act which is usually not recommended.

In so doing they set themselves for failure, and the result of this is that both or one fails to climax. You should regard sex as the main meal and foreplay as the appetizer. Just like many people skip the appetizer before having the main meal, many people usually skip foreplay.

Sexual satisfaction

One thing that you should note about foreplay is that it goes hand in hand with sexual satisfaction. Many people especially women fail to reach climax because they lack foreplay. Women are slightly different from men when it comes to having intercourse.

Whereas it can take years for a woman to climax when having sex with her man, it usually happens to the men every day. Foreplay is also recommended because women are referred to as charcoal burners when it comes to having sex. They have to be slowly prepared for the act if they are to enjoy the sex.


Foreplay involves kissing, holding hands, and caressing. Some of these activities can help in developing sensuality which helps individuals in having great sexual satisfaction. According to the sex therapists, the caressing of the back, arms, and hair and the holding of hands helps in the building up of sexual arousal and tension. It is the sexual arousal and tension that allows partners enjoy the sexual act while sharing the genital fluids.

During sex

sexOne common mistake that people make is that they stop having the foreplay during the real penetration. Well, foreplay should never stop till the entire sexual encounter is over. Pull hair, suckle her breast, and caress each other during the sexual encounter. This will no doubt take you to cloud nine and back.