Advantages of Having Sex Regularly


Are you aware that having good sex could help you boost your moods, lower your risk of contracting cancer and other medical conditions? Know you know, in case you didn’t know. Having sex regularly is recommended because of the various benefits that come with it.

Numerous studies have been conducted on this and it has been established that people who regularly have sex are more stable than those who don’t. Let us look at the advantages of having sexual intercourse regularly;

Look younger

youngerHaving sex regularly will help you look younger. A recent research that was carried out found out that older citizens who had an active sex life appeared five times than their counterparts who were celibate.

This however does not mean that you must have sex every day to look younger. In fact, when it comes to sexual intercourse, quality is recommended over quantity.

Boosting fertility

This is good music to the ears of the men and couples who are trying to conceive. Studies have showed that the more regular you have sexual intercourse the better the quality of your sperm. If you regularly have sex, then you can be assured of better quality semen which will increase your chances of conceiving.

Fighting colds and flu

Having sexual intercourse regularly will help you in fighting colds and flu. It has been established that every time  you have sex the level of the antibody that is referred to as the immunoglobin A increases. Immunoglobin A is responsible for fighting antigens that cause colds and flu. People with an active sex life have higher levels of immunoglobin in their system. This explains why they rarely suffer from some of these conditions.


If you want your body to be disease-proof, then have sexual intercourse regularly. During the sexual act a hormone referred to as the anti-aging hormone is usually secreted. The natural steroids that are referred to as DHEA are usually secreted during organism. This hormone is believed to be responsible as far as the keeping of the body fit is concerned.

Heart health

pleasureSince sex is a physical exercise it will help in improving tour heart health. It has been established that men who have sex twice in a week are less likely to suffer from the cardiovascular conditions like heart attack and stroke as compared to those who do not. Engaging in sexual intercourse is one great form of exercising. If you are wondering where to begin, you can begin here.